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6 tips for a great deadlift

Deadlifts are one of the most important lifts you can do in the gym. Not only does it work your hamstrings, back, and traps, but it also works your core to keep you stable and balanced. For these reasons it is important to use proper form while deadlifting. Here are some tips to follow if you want to do safe deadlifts in the gym.


1. Take a stance that you would use to jump as high as possible.

2. Move the bar over your mid-foot.

3. Place your hands just outside your legs.

4. Go to a position where your knees are not in the way of the bar going up.

5. Take the ”slack” out of the bar by taking a big breath to your stomach, bracing your core and lats, and creating tension to the bar.

6. Start your rep by leg pressing the ground away and once you're past your knees, push your hips forward. Return the bar using the same controlled path.

By following these tips and instructions you are ready to practice deadlifts safely and with the right technique. Little by little you will be able to lift heavier with more strength than you ever thought possible. Use these tips regularly and you will perform better every week in your leg workout.

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