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Who We Are


A supportive shoulder. A helping hand. An advisor. A motivator.


Squatproof is more than just activewear – we are your supporters on your fitness journey. You achieving your goals is our goal. We provide a supportive environment for people who want to improve themselves physically or mentally.


How do we do that?

  1. Through high-quality active wear that will make you feel confident and capable, that supports your workouts and movement, and that gives you the extra boost to complete your exercise.

  2. Providing you with value in the form of educational and encouraging content. Squatproof’s social media channels are a source of knowledge and motivation for you: our content about training and healthy habits is made by university-level personal trainers. We really want to go the extra mile and provide you with as much help and value as possible.


There is no gain without some pain. But the pain is not something you need to face alone: we are here to help.

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Our Core Values

  • Willpower

Never giving up. Well-being and willpower to continue developing ourselves and helping our customers do the same.


  • Performance

We never stop researching, innovating, and developing.

Our customers trust our activewear to perform, enabling each athlete to focus on what really matters: their training and development.


  • Inspiration

We strive to inspire and motivate all athletes to be the best versions of themselves through both high-quality activewear and the community we’ve built on socials.

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