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How did Squatproof start?


Behind the brand of Squatproof, there is a sudden thought that developed into something far greater. Our story began when Patrick, the founder of Squatproof, noticed a gap in the women’s activewear market. It wasn’t uncommon for Patrick’s female friends to complain about gym clothes and especially the fact that there were no really squat-proof ones. The idea of an activewear brand began to emerge in his mind as he made a deeper research at customer feedback on existing sportswear brands. The need for functional and fashionable activewear was real.


Patrick started to work on his first collection. Countless hours of contacting factories and testing hundreds of samples led finally to a satisfying solution: an activewear collection that is squat-proof, durable and fashionable. Clothes that empower women to achieve their best potential. A brand that is continuously developing by exploring new material combinations, cuts and colors.


In 2021, Squatproof was established to serve the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. We aim to be a one-stop shop where you can find everything you need in order to get your workout going.


We exist so that women can focus and flourish in their fitness journey – and feel confident while doing so.

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