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How to choose active wear for different workouts

Every workout is different and so are the requirements of active wear. What may be suitable for yoga or a walk in the park may not cut it for running a marathon or a gym training session. The type of clothing you need for different activities varies by the activity. Here’s how to figure out which clothes are best for your workout:

1. Runners and cyclists

Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester that wick away sweat. Wear light clothing that covers your skin so you don’t get too hot (and therefore sweat more). If you bike outside during winter, add a windbreaker jacket or vest to keep yourself warm.

2. Yoga

Wear stretchy fabrics like spandex that allow you to move freely during yoga practice without having to worry about pulling on your clothes or restricting movement. Look for lightweight materials that won’t cause sweating from excess humidity in the studio.

3. Weight lifters

Choose clothes that are soft, breathable and moisture-wicking because they help keep sweat away from. You can also be prepared with pump cover clothes during the muscle warm-up. Wear pump covers such as big t-shirts or warm hoodies before training and during muscle warm-up.

You can find the best active wear for your workout routine by knowing what type of activities it includes, what weather conditions you'll most often be exercising in, and your own personal style preferences. In our selection, you can find versatile clothes suitable for many different sports. You can learn more about our collections in the shop section. All our collections are available at Zalando.

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